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About Kingston Grammar

Do you love English?, do you want to learn it fast? That's why we're here—because English is a key to the world. Join me and others from around the world as we practice our English skills and get to know each other. I have taught, coached, and edited for hundreds of non-native English users for 14 years, in four countries. Let me put this experience to work for you, check my website and learn everything.

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When to Use a Hyphen

Whenever you want to use correct grammar, you should learn basic things before going ahead with advanced lessons. Grammar is very important with writing skills. Without learning grammar, you cannot write anything well. There are lots of rules in grammar that you should learn if you are English beginners. To remember all rules, you should apply them regular in daily use. For example, using hyphens in sentences is not easy at all. It is not easy with correct grammar. The correct use of hyphens will be explained below with specific details including examples for each case.

By learning these common rules, you can use hyphens correctly.

Hyphens can be used in some special cases that you should notice if you want your grammar to be correct. A hyphen is considered as a joiner or combination sign. The hyphen is used to combine words in a compound adjective. In addition, they hyphen is also used to combine words in compound nouns. Joining prefixes to words is another function of the hyphen.

Using hyphens in sentences can help readers understand words clearly. It is because some sentences are not clear with meaning. Therefore, to avoid ambiguity in sentences, people should use hyphens to define the main ideas of sentences.

There are some common rules that writers should notice if they want the use of hyphens is correct in grammar such as using hyphens to join words together, using hyphens in compound adjectives, etc…You can notice the correct use of hyphens by searching some reliable sources. Using hyphens correctly is not easy at all. Make sure you follow all common rules. In addition, to use hyphens correctly, you should learn irregular rules too. This is necessary if you want your grammar to be perfect.

Grammar Tips

There is a difference between the UK and the US in grammatical structure. Readers in the UK will use hyphens regularly to link the words in compound adjectives while readers in the US are likely not to use hyphens often. Using hyphens can bring some advantages to readers such as making people understand the meaning of sentences easily, proving your good writing skills, and reducing the ambiguity in sentences.

However, common rules are very complicated to follow. You need to learn them by heart because these rules are irregular.

Using Hyphens in Prefixes is not necessary because with or without using hyphens in prefix is considered acceptable.

The rules of using hyphens are not simple. You need to learn everything by heart in order to use hyphens correctly. These common rules are basic for you to learn. You need to practice regularly to reduce mistakes when using hyphens.

Sometimes, in grammar, you must learn everything because irregular rules are very complicated. However, it is acceptable if you make mistakes in speaking. In writing, you should check some reliable sources when you write a topic. Writing is more complicated than speaking. The style of writing is different from the style of speaking. Using hyphens is a good example for English learners to notice if they want to be good at grammar.

Grammar Tip: When to Use a Semicolon

Using grammar correctly is not easy at all. If you are English learners, you should learn basic grammars first and come to advanced level later. To be competent at grammar, you should learn everything well. To be good at grammar, you should practice a lot. Some common rules can help you with the correct use of grammar. However, if you want your grammar to be perfect, you should learn irregular rules too. How to use a semicolon correctly? The correct use of semicolon in sentences can be explained below with specific details.

Common rules of using semicolons: being used in lists, being used to make sentences look smooth, being used before a conjunction, etc…

The explanation of using a semicolon can be found below.

Whenever you want to list, the list items that contain commas, you should use a semicolon in sentences. By doing so, you will make the structure of sentences clear.

If you want to make sentences smoothly with the transition, you should use a semicolon, especially, when you use “however” or “as a result”. These phrases are usually used in sentences. To make sentences look natural and smooth, you should use a semicolon. You can find examples in other articles. They give you a specific illustration for the explanation of using a semicolon.

Grammar TipA semicolon can be used as a connecting word, and can be used before a conjunction. This is used to merge two sentences. Using a semicolon in this case will make readers understand sentences easily without misunderstanding the meaning. However, a colon is used in introductions instead of using a semicolon.

By learning the following common rules of using semicolons, you will be able to improve your grammar skills. To control the meaning of sentences easily and to make the flow of text clearly, you must use semicolons. It is common to use semicolons in writing. Most of grammar checkers suggest that writers should use semicolons in sentences if it is necessary.

If you don’t want to use semicolons in sentences, you can use alternative structures which can get rid of semicolons. However, this will cost you more time to think about the replacement.

Writers can use semicolons to extend a sentence. To replace a full stop or period in sentences, writers can use a semicolon. However, a transition must be used if you use semicolons to extend a sentence.

It is recommended that writers should use semicolons before transitional phrases. It is very common to use semicolons in this case. Many good writers use semicolons before transitional phrases to make the meaning of whole sentence clear. Without using semicolons in this case, writers cannot make sentence become attractive.

In some special cases, using semicolons before conjunctions is needed. If we check all examples on the internet or in a grammar book, we will see that it is necessary to use semicolons in this case. By doing so, writers can make the meaning of sentences separately. Readers won’t misunderstand the meaning of each sentence because of the combination.

The latest trend of changing times – Study guides and e-books

Books have been in the market since ages and we still have them to read, to discover, to realise and to enrich our lives in every way possible. Traditionally books and study material was available in the print form. As the forms are changing from print to virtual, the way we study has changed excessively.

Study guides and e-books

The new age study materials

Study material is available in the form of CDs, DVDs and also on-line. Some sites have a very structured form of the content. The devices which we use also are becoming more and more portable. Chargers are available anywhere and the ease with which one can access net content has also increased by leaps and bounds. The very latest trend is not reading but listening. Audio books are available which makes the process simpler. What you need is just a pair of earphones, audio book in the form of CD or DVD and the player. It is said that we learn by reading but we learn more by listening and viewing and the best way to learn is doing.

Study guides for kids

Even in the young age kids are getting access to video learning through various cartridges. Play materials like Nintendo are very popular which can be used as a study guide too. Kids are also getting access to i-pads which have the capability to download a range of educative games which can be later on used for playful learning.

Study guides for educational institutes

Even in schools and colleges the medium to teach and learn has changed dramatically. Smart boards, interactive learning tools and even the books come with the sound and extra effects to enhance the whole experience if learning. Electronic gadgets which are flourishing in the market are very popular learning aids both for parents as well as teachers. Overhead projectors and power point presentations are very common. But the main thing is that the whole process has become self- learning and self- evaluation.  The students can learn all by themselves using the study guide and in case the students have any doubts they can ask to a virtual guide. The variety and the depth of the courses have also increased drastically.

There are so many learning platforms available today and the courses they offer have a very good range. One can learn about subjects like history and evolution to the subject related to neurological science just by registering to the courses. E-learning has come a long way in enhancing one’s knowledge and enriching one’s life.